Mastech MS2108 True RMS DIGITAL AC/DC Clamp Meter with Inrush Current Measurement

300mmx300mm, multimetre mastech

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Terminating kit. Wholesale x  96. Ut210e. Electric meter smart. Current clamp meter: 1384g. Multimeter a. 600a/ 1000a40 ---- 1000a. 170 * 65 * 27mm. 

J2a040 40k

Rg59u bnc connector. Wholesale bside multimeter adm06. Keyword 7: Prova-2003. 10hz / 100hz / 1khz / 10khz / 100khz / 1mhz / 10mhz. Tes3082Power supply: : Gpib usb interface. 400mv/4v/40v/400v/1000v+/-0.8%. 200ohm/2kohm/20kohm/200kohm/2mohm/20mohm. Industrial 4.0. Dc voltage: 2/20/200v+-0.5%, 1000v+-1.0%. Ac current: 0.1a~1000a ±(2.0%+5). Mlc500 lc meter. 


Maintenance sailboat. 0.1kw~600kw. 0.63kgs. 0-750 degree. 2a/20a/200a/600a+/-(3.0%+10). Dt-3266l. Wholesale dc ammeter clamp. 20a/200a. Ac dc 12v digital. 400m/4v/40v/400v/600v. 300v230x68x37mm/9.05x2.68x1.46in. 

Richmeters Multimeter

Size : Approx. 238*85*42mm/9.37*3.34*1.65''. Hm11464. Ut206 quality: Welchallyn 03100. Low voltage instruction: -20c~750c. -40 ~1000. Dc 400mv/4v/40v/400v/1000v. Range select: Irobots 780. High quality clamp meter. Digital multimeter rms clamp meter. 

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