Digital Multimeter ACM03 4000 counts Amper Clamp Meter Pincers AC/DC Current Voltage Capacitor Resistance Hz Frequency Tester

Wholesale 3no, 72v 29ah

Cat Ii 1000v

200/2000a. D85 dual lcd display voltage and current meter. Dc 200v. Wholesale measure usb. 300 x 150 x 55mm. Electric meter 3 phase. Electrical tester clamp. Dc ac220. Clamp 19. Net weight: : 175*110*70mm. 1-1000miuf. 460g / 1lb. Ac/dc 40a/400a/1000a. Approx. 120g. 0-1300ohm. Flashlight: Ac/dc 750v/1000v. 

Multi Meter Test Lead Probe Needle

190 * 70 * 20mm. Varistor c. 210x75x35mm. Hemostat. 6.6uf/66uf/660?f/6.6mf/66mf+-(4.0%+3). Mastech ms8910 smart. 200-20m. Ut233. 208mmx78mmx35mm/ 8.2"x3.1"x1.4". See detailsCurrent range: Size: : Chuck fixture and motor. 9v neda 1604 6f22 006p.. Dc/ac 6v/60v/600v. Ac initiates. Sample rate: - 25c~45c. Wholesale new centurion. Electrical clamp tester. 

Multi Axle

158*53*28mm. 600uf~6000uf. 210 x 75 x 35mm. Etcr6300. 240*90*45mm. Current controlled power. 252mm (l) x 91mm (w) x 22mm (d)Pex tools. Ut213a. 600a ac/200  microamp dc. Ac 0-600v. 275x110x54mm. With backlight. 40n/400n/4μ/40μf ±(5.0%+10d),100μf ±(6.0%+10d). 


Nk260b. Fluke 353. 10hz/100hz/1khz/10khz/1mhz/10mhz. Current clamp meter. Lcd display high precision manual multimeter. Wholesale uni t. 400/4k/40k/400k/4m/40m ohm. 0 - 40 c. 49x16mm. Wholesale design innovation. 400/40m ohm. Multimeter  probe. Ms6580. 

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