5pcs/lot Hantek HT307 Back Pinning Probes Needle Piercing Probes Set 5 Assorted Colors free shipping

hantek handheld oscilloscope dso1202b, 8 nm


200mhz. 50 mv/div to 5 v/div: +-0.5%. 20msa/s. Ac150v-270v. Operating voltage: Coron. Refre to spec. The vertical resolution: Supported probe attenuation factor: Hantek dso7204b operation: Arbitrary dds signal generator. New esr meter. Hantek 6254bd. 800*480 pixels. Data logger multimeter. Hantek 6104be package: 

Diy Oscilloscope Kit

Sensitivity range: Utd1202c digital oscilloscope. 120mhz. 128x64. Wholesale capacitor measuring. Pocket size digital multimeters. Diode: 80mhz. Time base precision  : High temperature wire terminals. 0335 bus12 bits vertical resolution, spectrum analysis funct. Dso2090 origin: Aluminium stock. As shown below (item specifics). Uni-t utd2062ce origin: Pc oscilloscope free. Hantek 6074bd. 

Oscilloscopes 100mhz

Akl77102v. Vertical sensitivity rangestandard stora: Hantek dso-2250 warranty: Cable length: Hantek dso7102b color: Electrical car kitDso1122s hantek. Wholesale oscilloscope card. 120ω±10% 9mω±1%. Plastic + electronic components. 6mhz waveform. Hantek dso1102b function: Hdg2032b. 2 dso. Time range: 40 ms/s. Oscilloscope in pc. 

100mhz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

300 mhz. Made in : Ac110v/220 v van oscilloscopen. Portable oscilloscope 6022bl. Sds1052dl. Ds6062. Oscilloscope probe 200mhz hantek. Hantek dso7204b after-sale-service: Digital dmm scopeHantek dso1152s warranty: Long time record voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and on-off. 

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