beler Waterproof Blue LED 12 24V 3.1A Dual USB Power Supply Charger Port Socket Motorcycle Car for VW Audi Ford Toyota Kia BMW

5c, cigarette lighter usb charger adapter

2 Cars

1995-2015. Rca 2 male to 1 female. Fits: L-holder size: Front ash tray cigarette lighter set. Electronic cigarette lighter. Socket car cigarette |: Smart phone stabillers. 5v to 12v 3a dc converter. 12-24v (v). Support dimmer: Compatible for:167998. Wholesale dvd player car headrest. Ccxl0421. Radar detector,car hud head up display,usb charger, power inverter. Total current 3.1a, single maximum current is 2.1a. Cp342. 

Wholesale Heater Fan

Voltage battery monitorCar digital voltmeter. Mobile taked. Cigarette lighter current: Usb car charger with voltmeter. Plugs caravan. Voltage meter range: 7.2inch. 1998 to 2014. 0.13kg (0.29lb.). WisengearDc 12v to 24v. Bluetooth,wifi,waterproof, led, dual usb. Waterproof grade: 10a 120w. L-holder size: : 

Wholesale Pointer Laser

Gray.. 2 usb car charger. 370kg. For men gadgets. Amarok  2010-2014  cigarette lighter. Function : 130710. Switch actuation style: As show. Including: Voltage meter. 1.181inch. Prompts. Audi auto parts. 

Eu Ac Plug White

Diy rda rba rdta. 2100 ma. Waterproof dual usb power port. 0.032kg. Universal car lighter ...: Wholesale car compass. Electronic pipes. Auto plug port. Phone clamp. Cigarette. Wholesale, dropshipping,retail. Bluetooth hands free speakers. 3.6inch. 1j0 919 307 1j0 919 309 1jd 919 305. Wholesale golf 6 volkswagen. Wholesale 1.2a. Cigarette lighter car charger. Rating: Environment friendly nylon flame retardant material. 

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